Written by Vladimir Moss



     The title of this article may sound melodramatic and “over the top”. It is not.  Nor are we talking about the physical destruction of human civilization through a nuclear apocalypse. Such an event is quite possible, even likely; but it is not what we are talking about. We are talking about the destruction of the family through the LGBT movement and the impending legalization even of paedophilia by the United Nations.[1]

     The protection of the family, physically, socially and morally, is the main purpose and criterion of civilization; the state, according to St. Philaret of Moscow is simply the family writ large, with the head of the state as the father of the extended family – the “batyushka-tsar”, as he was called in Russia. When the state begins to attack the family, and when even most of the states of the world combine in supporting such aggression, we are justified in talking about the end of human civilization. 

     Of course, sexual sin and perversion have been present throughout history and in all civilizations. And some forms have even become the norm in some civilizations – for example, paedophilia in Classical Greece – which is highly significant in view of the important role Classical Greece (together with Byzantine Christianity) had in giving birth to modern western civilization. But what we are witnessing today is on an altogether larger and more systematically organized scale: the international norm has now become perversion, encouraged and enforced by laws and all the apparatus of state power. Of course, there are still many normal, heterosexual people; and some societies, especially in Russia and Eastern Europe, and some countries of Africa and South America, are attempting to resist the trend. But there are strong reasons for believing that these “reactionaries” do not have the spiritual strength to resist the trend towards a complete, barbaric sexual free-for-all similar to that which prevailed on the earth before Noah’s flood or on a smaller scale in Sodom and Gomorrah.

     Take Russia. Since 2000, Putin has been steadily leading Russia back to Sovietism and a justification of all the terrible sins committed by that most evil of empires. The one redeeming nature of his regime has been its rejection of the LGBT movement. But is God going to support a regime that in every other respect defies His laws? The supposed moral guardians of the land, the hierarchs of the Moscow Patriarchate, are riddled with homosexuals even while they hypocriticially condemn the sins of the West. Nor are they faithful to the dogmatic teaching of the Orthodox Church: the heresies of Sergianism and Ecumenism are the best-known of the heresies that the MP continues to take part in with great enthusiasm. 

       The only hope for the world and human civilization is a counter-revolution in Russia that completely extirpates Sovietism in all its forms. God will give power and strength to His people – but only if they show themselves to be truly His people by unhypocritically confessing the True Orthodox faith in word and deed and by rejecting leaders whose deepest loyalty is to the anti-Christian Russian revolution – or to the income stream that comes to them from exploiting the resources of the Russian land and from their continuing participation in the corrupt economic nexus of the West. Only then will a renewed and resurrected Holy Russia be ready to lead the fight against the Western Antichrist.

September 9/22, 2018.

Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God.

[1]The UN Is Normalizing Pedophilia: The Deep State Is Free to Prey Upon Your Children”, Humans are Free,


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