Written by Vladimir Moss



     We have heard a great deal recently about the immorality of the West from Patriarch Cyril of Moscow. As we must admit with sorrow, there is much truth in this critique. Unfortunately, however, the patriarch says much less about the sins of his own flock, which must surely be his first concern… The immoralities of “the Russian world” cry out to heaven for vengeance. And vengeance will certainly come especially upon those who hypocritically condemn others for the sins that they themselves commit.

     The patriarch especially likes to focus on the sexual immorality of the West, while making constant “excuses for excuses for sin” as regards the sins of the Soviet people. In a recent speech to the Russian Duma, he pointed to the good points of the Soviet years, especially its “solidarity”. Solidarity with whom? we may ask. With Christ? Surely not in the world’s first atheist state. With the millions of those killed and tortured in the camps in the 1920s and 30s or condemned to a miserable catacomb existence for their faith? No way…

     Some years ago, on coming to power, the patriarch had the extraordinary audacity to say that the Red Army in 1945 had “conquered death by death”, redeeming the sins of the 1930s by their heroic exploit of saving the world from fascism. May 9, VE-Day for the Soviets, was “another Pascha”. And yet what happened at this “Pascha”? The Nazis were defeated, yes – with a cruelty and sexual voracity the like of which has not been seen since the time of Genghis Khan. 1.4 million German women in Eastern Prussia were raped, and most of the female population of Berlin were raped multiple times, often while their husbands were forced to watch. Is this conquering death by death? Or is it multiplying death by death – both spiritual and physical?

     Still worse, a vast area from Berlin to Peking (if we fast-forward to 1949) came under the yoke of the collective Antichrist of communism, the greatest enemy of Christ and Christianity in the history of the world, while all the Orthodox Churches of Eastern Europe (with the exception of Greece, which was saved by the Anglo-Americans) came under the dominion of the atheists and entered the service of the world revolution. Was this “another Pascha”? What was there to rejoice about here?

     But let us return to the speech in the Duma. We may note that this took place on January 9/22, the feast of St. Philip, metropolitan of Moscow, who was killed by Ivan the Terrible for rebuking him for his mindless killings. Did Patriarch Cyril call to mind St. Philip, or in any way imitate him by rebuking the mindless killings that Putin and his bandits have been inflicting on members of St. Cyril’s own flock in Ukraine and elsewhere? No, no - the patriarch preaches “solidarity” with bandits, not mercy towards the helpless, cringing servility before the powerful of this world, not confession of the truth. After all, if he said something he might lose his $4 billion dollar fortune!

     Then the patriarch made an interesting proposal: to increase the rate that doctors charge for abortions. This would have the pleasing consequences of squeezing the rich (not the really rich, like himself, but the middle classes) and reducing the rate of abortions, thereby slowing down the catastrophic fall in Russia’s population. How moral! How financially prudent! How farsightedly caring about the demography of the Russian nation!

     Not a word, however, about the fact that abortion – any abortion, carried out for any price – is murder, and condemns the abortionist to eternity in hell-fire! Not a word about the fact that Russia is number one in the world for numbers of abortions per head of population. And not a word about the fact that (as the present writer has seen with his own eyes) placards outside churches proclaim it is possible to buy absolution from the sin of abortion from Moscow Patriarchal priests for a tidy sum of money; so that the jingle about the medieval papacy now applies equally to the Moscow Patriarchate:

As soon as the coin in the coffer rings,

The soul from purgatory springs…

     And not a word, either, about the fact that Patriarch Cyril himself is involved in the abortion business, a fact that was first reported almost three years ago. Since the patriarch has decided to become ever so moral about abortion, it might be worth reminding ourselves of the main facts by quoting from this article: “One can have an abortion and restore one’s virginity in the medical centre ‘Alternative’, which operates on the territory of the ‘Danilovskaia’ hotel attached to the Danilov monastery of the ROC MP in the centre of Moscow, reports a correspondent of ‘Portal-Credo.Ru’. Very close to the hotel can be found the official residence of Patriarch Cyril (Gundiaev) and the Department of Foreign Ecclesiastical Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate.

      “’If it turns out that the birth of a child forms no part of your plans, then it is necessary to reduce the consequences of termination of pregnancy to a minimum,’ it says on the page of the medical centre on the territory of the hospital “Danilovskaia”, which is dedicated to abortions and emergency terminations. Surgical and non-surgical methods of termination are offered, and abortion, it points out, ‘is always a hormonal stress for the organism’.

     “The re-establishment of virginity is offered on the centre’s site as one of the services of aesthetic and intimate surgery. The site points out that the ‘foremother’ of this operation can be considered to be the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, who regularly dived into a special pool, ‘from which she emerged on the bank as a chaste virgin again’…” [1]

     One of the puzzling features of Patriarch Cyril’s moral onslaught on the West is that, while attacking especially the Anglo-Saxon world and all its (undoubted) moral corruption while living at a safe distance away in Russia, he still continues to take part in the Anglo-Saxon-dominated World Council of Churches and other ecumenical organizations, which parade women priestesses and make no excuses for homosexuality and other sexual abominations. Surely a man of his prophetic spirit would want to storm out of the Assembly building after delivering a fiery discourse in the spirit of the Prophet Elijah (or Savanorola)… Instead, however, he gladly takes part in services with women priests, and has even called the World Council of Churches “our common home”. What is the explanation of such inconsistency and lack of moral delicacy?

     Two explanations suggest themselves. The first is suggested by his well-known service as “Agent Mikhailov” in the KGB-FSB. His secret-service masters probably think that spying on Western clergymen and compromising them through the familiar methods used by the KGB (blackmail) is more beneficial to Holy Russia than the more honest and open methods commanded by the Gospel.

     The second possible explanation may lie in the fact that his own hierarchy is so thoroughly compromised itself that attacks on the West might elicit counter-attacks that would severely damage his Church’s reputation. Thus Fr. Andrei Kuraiev estimates that 50 out of the approximately 300 bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate are gays, while the recently reposed Fr. Gleb Yakunin suggested last year that the figure was closer to 250! This gay lobby in the MP is so powerful and has caused such scandal in Russia since Kuraiev’s exposures last year that it might be prudent for the patriarch to lay off speaking about “Eurosodom” for the time being…

     But of course there is another solution. His Holiness could send his homosexual bishops – or perhaps the whole hierarchy, just to make sure, - to his equivalent of the pool of Siloam at the hotel “Danilovskaia”, where they will have their virginity restored, courtesy of the goddess Aphrodite and at the cost of a few thousand rubles (with higher rates for the richer bishops). And if the goddess Aphrodite objects, because she is used to absolving natural sins, not unnatural ones, then no matter: some Orthodox saint could be enlisted as the patron of such healings, just as Orthodox saints have been enlisted to bless nuclear bombs, space travel and any undertaking that seems good to the powers that be, whose power, of course, however evil they are, is, was and always will be, from God…


January 14/27, 2015.



[1]Натерриториигостиницы «Даниловская» приглавномпатриаршеммонастыреРПЦМПможносделатьабортивосстановитьдевственность”, Portal-Credo.Ru, 9 March, 2012.


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