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     It was very close. For a moment it looked as if the most ambitious deception plan in KGB history was on the verge of success, and the head of the KGB – and fervent admirer of Stalin – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin would be hailed by Orthodox around the world as the restorer of Orthodoxy and “champion of traditional values” - “the new St. Constantine”, no less. Of course, in the West, as also in the East, there are still many “useful idiots” as Lenin called them, who admire Putin and would probably enrol in his “army of liberation” if they could. But his first press-conference after annexing the Crimea from the Ukraine has really blown his cover for all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. For, looking distinctly nervous, he not only lied and lied about the absence of Russian troops in the Crimea, the presence of hordes of “Banderovtsy” nationalist terrorists in the region and the great need and desire of all Russian Ukrainians to be defended from them: he even called Tsar-Martyr Nicholas “bloody Nicholas”… [1]

     There was no irony in his words, and no need for him, a supposedly Orthodox ruler who claims that his state is the successor both of Tsarist and of Soviet Russia, to use such pejorative, purely chekist language. But he was worried; he must have learned that just about every state in the world, including even his closest allies Belarus’ and Kazakhstan, had condemned his invasion of the Crimea; and he must have realized that there was a distinct possibility that his so-far failed attempt to destabilize Ukraine might end up with the destabilization of Russia and his own fall from power. In such circumstances, the mask tends to slip from the face even of the most skilled and experienced actor. And it did more than slip here. It clattered noisily to the ground, revealing the snarling face of a wounded animal, ready to lash out at its natural enemies – among whom, of course, is Tsar Nicholas II and the whole tradition of Tsarist Orthodox Russia.

     Now a wounded animal is a very dangerous animal, and we may confidently predict that, sooner or later, the so-far bloodless skirmish in the Crimea will develop into a bloody and wide-ranging conflict. The leader of a gang of thieves – which is what the present-day administration of Russia in essence is – cannot afford to look weak or vulnerable to his fellow-thieves, otherwise one of them will quickly take his place. So this is only the beginning. But it is probably also the beginning of the end. The final end of Soviet Russia… We shall not speculate about how this will take place. It will be more useful at the present time to indicate the nature of the deception that Putin and his team has created, so that those who are still deceived may see and learn.



     The CHEKA/GPU/OGPU/NKVD/MGB/KGB/FSB, to list some of its names, is probably the cruellest, most powerful and most sophisticated agency of deception and manipulation in world history. Like Satan, the KGB’s most effective ploy is to make people think it does not exist. And since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, very many have believed just that.

     In fact, however, the KGB is now more powerful than at any time in its history. In the Soviet Union there were three centres of power: the Communist Party, the Army, and the KGB. Now there is only the KGB controlling all the levers of power. Some years ago, the intelligence expert Edward Lucas calculated that 40% of all posts in the Russian bureaucracy were filled by KGB agents. More recently, he has upped the figure to 70%...

     In his book The Perestroika Deception, the former KGB agent and defector to the West Anatoly Golitsyn outlined a plan that the KGB had conceived for deceiving the West about its basic intentions. Several later defectors, planted by the KGB, tried to persuade the West that this plan was fictitious. But the development of events in the perestroika years, 1985-91, showed that almost all his predictions had been accurate…[2]

     In the early 1990s, however, the KGB seemed temporarily to lose control of events. The democratic revolution which it instigated and directed with the aim of deceiving, using and infiltrating the West acquired a life of its own. Urgent measures to restore the situation were required. The ruse was to blow up several hundred Russian civilians, put the blame on the Chechens and demand the appointment of a “strong man” to restore order. That man was Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who came to power on January 1, 2000 with a mandate to fight the second Chechen war and more generally restore order in the country.

     In the last fourteen years, “order” of a kind has certainly been restored. A creeping re-nationalization has taken place; the assets of “oligarchs” have been seized and given to Putin or his cronies (Putin is now the richest man in the world with an estimated $130 billion); troublesome journalists and opposition politicians have been either killed or forced to flee the country; state control and censorship of the media has been re-imposed; the already KGB-controlled Moscow Patriarchate has been given unheard-of wealth, power and influence, while its opponents have been marginalized and their assets seized (as, for example, in Suzdal). Meanwhile, Russia’s already shocking statistics on a wide variety of social indices – social equality, corruption, alcoholism, drug-taking, child mortality, suicide – have got worse, making her comparable only to some of the poorest and most corrupt nations of the Third World.  

     In the midst of these disasters, however, the KGB and its agents of influence worldwide have successfully promoted the image of a Russia resurrected, a free, democratic and Christian Russia, the champion of Orthodoxy and the last hope of all those suffering under the oppression of America and the CIA. So successful has this charade been that even the Russian Church Abroad, which throughout the twentieth century was almost alone in saying the whole truth about Russia to the world, fell into the snare and was united with the Moscow Patriarchate in 2007. However, even here there was a tell-tale sign that not all was it seemed. Although most of ROCOR outside Russia fell into the snare, 95% of the Church’s members inside Russia decided to remain in the catacombs. Could it be that those who lived closest to the beast knew something that those in the West did not?

     Of course, the KGB has been helped by some spectacular mistakes on the part of the West. Thus the West’s decision to join the civil war in Syria on the side of the Sunni rebels has enabled Putin to put himself forward as the champion of those Christians who have suffered at the hands of the rebels. Again, the West’s mindless pursuit of “gay rights” has enabled Putin to portray himself as the champion of “traditional Christian values”, converting even Pat Buchanan and William Lind of The American Conservative to his cause. Of course, the irony is mind-boggling: the KGB, the biggest killer of Christians in history, which has used every trick in the book, not least well-trained heterosexual and homosexual prostitute-spies, to pursue its ends, being hailed as the champion of traditional Christian values! But very many in the West (fewer in Russia herself, where disillusion with Putin is growing) seem unable to see the irony…

     “’Russia has been using this issue to develop a constituency in Muslim and African countries,’ says Mark Gevisser, an Open Society fellow who is writing a book on the global debate on gay rights. ‘This brand of ideological moral conservatism was originally minted in the US. It is highly ironic that these countries are mounting an anti-western crusade using a western tool. Moscow plays on opposition to gay rights most effectively closer to home. Last November, when it looked like the Ukrainian Viktor Yanukovych was close to signing an Association Agreement with the European Union, billboards appeared across the country warning that the ‘EU means legislating same-sex marriage’ [‘EURO=HOMO’]. The campaign was paid for by Ukraine’s Choice, a group associated with the Kremlin-connected politician and businessman Viktor Medvedchuk.”[3]

     But at this point, when Putin had so many people – including right-wing, conservative, Christian people – eating out his hand, he over-played it. Annoyed and worried that his henchman, the corrupt Yanukovych, had been driven out of the country by a small, unarmed, but determined and highly courageous, demonstration on the streets of Kiev, he over-confidently decided to bring his “hard power” to bear. And now he is being condemned all over the world, and even his natural constituency, the Russian-speakers of Eastern Ukraine, seem divided.

     Of particular significance is the fact that the Ukrainian part of the Moscow Patriarchate, which is the largest Orthodox jurisdiction in the country, appears to be standing loyally behind the new government in Kiev. Whereas the Ukrainian bishops of the MP have been pleading with Putin not to invade the sovereign territory of the Ukraine, and have blessed Ukrainian soldiers to defend their homeland against invasion, Patriarch Cyril of Moscow (KGB Agent “Mikhailov”) has been 100% behind his leader, saying that he hopes the Ukrainians will not resist the Russian army! Moreover, according to Russian media, the press-service of the Moscow Patriarchate has declared that “the Russian people is a nation divided on its own historical territory; it has the right to reunite it in a single state organism”. What can this mean if not that the whole of the Ukraine should be absorbed into the Russian Federation? But this is something that not even Putin (or “Putler”, as he is now often called on the Russian internet) has been so bold as to affirm… 

     There is a very real danger now that Putin will lose the Ukraine completely, which would be disastrous for him in many ways.[4] As Sergei Yekelchyk writes: "The Ukrainian revolution of 2014 threatens the ideology of Putin’s regime. It questions Russia’s identity. It challenges Russia’s plan to restore its influence in the region. It also shows that a Putinite regime can be destroyed by a popular revolution. No wonder Russia has recalled its ambassador from Ukraine and refuses to recognize the country’s new government..."[5]

     But if Ukraine falls out of the Russian sphere of influence, then there is a further danger that separatist movements will break out inside the Russian Federation itself. This could begin among the Crimean Tatars[6], and then spread to other regions such as the North Caucasus and Tatarstan. Turkey may decide to take up the cause of the Russian Muslims… And this in turn creates the further danger that Putin will declare a holy war on Sunni Islam, beginning with the Caucasian tribes on his southern border, continuing with the absorption of already half-conquered Georgia, and then going on into war-torn Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia (which he vowed to “destroy” in August, 2013) and Israel…



     But this is to speculate. Let us conclude with what seems to the present author to be a self-evident fact: that Putin has made a most serious blunder and his authority is severely shaken. Even if the short-term consequences for Orthodoxy may be painful and tragic, in the longer-term no truly Orthodox Christian can fail to welcome the impending fall of the most anti-Christian regime in history, the only regime ever to be formally anathematized by a large Orthodox Council (the Local Council of the Russian Church led by Patriarch Tikhon in January, 1918). Of course, we know that full cleansing and resurrection will not come to Russia until she is given a truly Orthodox Tsar. For, as St. John of Kronstadt said, Russia without a tsar is “a stinking corpse”. But is it too much to hope that the stinking corpse of Lenin may finally be cast out of its mausoleum on Red Square, as that of the false Dmitri was cast out (through the barrel of a gun) in 1612, so that the purified, renewed and reinvigorated body of Orthodox Russia will shine forth again in all its splendour, as the holy prophets said that it would? Could we be on the eve of that radical searching and repentance of Russian minds that, as the holy elders said, is the essential prerequisite of the resurrection of Holy Rus’?


February 22 / March 7, 2014; revised March 5/18, 2014.

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