Written by Vladimir Moss


     Many people think so. And certainly, there are now so many processes going on simultaneously that seem to be directed at the extermination of Christianity and the enslavement of humanity in general that it is easy to come to the conclusion that the demonic ruler of this world, Satan, has a human regent. Let us begin our attempt to answer this question by looking at the similar attempt made during the First World War by the famous Russian ex-revolutionary-turned-Orthodox-monarchist Lev Alexandrovich Tikhomirov. He posed the question in the form: Is there a secret Jewish ruler of the world? His reply was as follows:-

     “The main defender of this thesis is Copen Albancelli. His argumentation is based not so much on any factual data, of which, in essence, there are none, as on logic.

     “’The question,’ he writes, ‘can be summarised in very few words. In order that the descendants of the ancient nation of the Jews should preserve the ideal of this nation, it is necessary that their generations should be bound amongst themselves in space and time by one organisation, one government. This is necessary for the simple reason that the Jewish race is ruled by the same laws of nature as all other races. This government, it is true, has not manifested itself since the 9th century (the end of the Resh Golut), but the conditions of existence ruling over the Jewish people from the time of its dispersal have been such that its government could not exist, if it were well-known. Since it had to exist, it had to become secret.’ Perhaps, he says, the majority even of the Jews know nothing about it, but this does not prove its non-existence.

     “But where are these ruling circles directing their nation? Since the matter is secret, of course, we can only make guesses, the more so in that no powerful organisation and no government has set itself the task of making any kind of investigation into the question whether the Jews have any world plans and how these are to be achieved. In this area we have only the surmises of the anti-Semites, and in particular Copen Albancelli, which we cannot fail to mention for lack of any more positive material. Copen Albancelli’s assertions come down to the following. But first we must note that Albancelli was a Freemason for quite a long time (eight years) and attained in it the degree of Rosicrucian, which is quite high in the degrees of classification – the 18th degree. True, Copen Albancelli considers that after the 33 degrees of capitularies a new layer of the organisation of Masonry begins – an ‘invisible’ layer, and on top of that yet another layer of the now [purely] Jewish administration of Masonry. But although, in this way, Copen Albancelli was still far from the highest degrees, nevertheless with great skill he was able to notice and listen into a lot… These are his presuppositions.

     “First of all, he considers that the secret Jewish government’s weapon of influence in the extra-Jewish world is precisely the Masonic organisation, which subconsciously carries out the aims of the Jewish government. But the aim of the latter is the universal dominion of the Jews.

     “’The aim of the Masonic machinations,’ says Copen, ‘is not the destruction but the submission of the Christian world. The Jewish Secret Government (Pouvoir Occulte) wishes to destroy the Christian spirit because the Christian spirit constitutes the true defence of the world born from it. In exactly the same way, if this secret government destroyed the French monarchy, it was only because this monarchy was the best defence of France.’ ‘The dream [of universal mastery] is supported in the heart of the Jewish people by its religion… The Jews at first thought that mastery would come about sometime, would be given to their race by a triumphant Messiah. But now the idea has spread amongst them that the word ‘Messiah’ must be applied not to a certain son of the Israelite race, but to the race itself, and that the conquest of the world can be carried out without the use of weapons. They are now convinced that the future victor will be the Jewish people itself, and that the Messianic times are those in which this people will succeed in subduing to itself the world begotten by the Christian Messiah, who has for so long taken the place appointed for the true messiah, that is, the Jews themselves.

     “The dream of universal dominion, continues Copen, is not new to humanity. Other peoples also dreamed of universal dominion. ‘Perhaps this idea was not always the ruling one for Israel to the extent that it is now.’ It developed gradually. But to the degree that they seized the most powerful weapon – gold – this dream matured. The successes of Masonry strengthened it. ‘Jewry has begun to see the growth of its might in every corner of the globe in proportion as the power of the solidarity, and consequently resistance of the Christian races has declined as the result of the loss of tradition. Its government sees everything while not being seen by anyone. For that reason it probably bursts out when nobody is even thinking of defending himself against it, since nobody knows of its existence. In such conditions it would be complete senselessness on the part of the Jewish government if it did not come to the idea of conquering the world which nothing or almost nothing is defending… Having accomplished a miracle – the keeping of the race that had wandered over the world in fidelity to its ancient national ideal – and seeing that the other races senselessly consider progress to be the abandonment of their ideals the Jewish government must have recognised itself capable of giving its own people rule over the whole world.’

     “But in order to secure dominion a new organisation of the subject races is needed. Every ruler over the peoples strives to give them an organisation adapted to the possibility of administering them. For the Jews in this respect it was necessary to destroy nationality. This is now taking place under the banner of progress. But in the place of an organisation growing on the soil of nationality, another one is needed: it is being prepared in the form of socialism. 

     “’We,’ says Copen Albancelli, ‘are going towards a universal republic because only under it can the financial, industrial and commercial kingdom of the Jews be realised. But under the mask of a republic this kingdom will be infinitely more despotic than any other. This will be absolutely the same mastery as that which man organises over the animals. The Jewish race will hold us by means of our needs. It will lean on a well chosen police force, well organised and richly rewarded. Besides this police force, in this new society there will be only administrators, directors and engineers, on the one hand, and workers on the other. The workers will all be non-Jews, while the administrators and engineers will be Jews… The peoples themselves will facilitate the destruction in their midst of every power besides the State, while it will be insinuated to them that the State possessing everything is they themselves. They will not cease to work on their own enslavement until the Jews will tell them: “Excuse us, you have not understood us in the right way. The all-possessing State is not you, but we.” Then the peoples will try to rebel, but it will be too late, for their moral and material springs that are necessary for action will already have disappeared. Flocks cannot resist dogs trained to watch over them. The only thing that the working world will be able to do is refuse to work. But the Jews will not be so stupid as not to foresee this. They will lay up enough stores for themselves and their guard dogs, while they will starve the resisters to death. If necessary, they will hurl onto the rebels their police force, which will be invincible and provided with the most advanced means of destruction.’

     “’That is the plan of the Secret Government,’ says Copen Albancelli, ‘the establishment of the universal dominion of the Jews by means of the organisation of collectivism under the form of a universal republic. Masonry will lead us to the realisation of this.’” 

     Nesta Webster confirmed this link with Masonry, at least as regards Europe: “The formula of the ‘United States of Europe’ and of the ‘Universal Republic’ [was] first proclaimed by the Illuminatus Anacharsis Clootz”, whose La République universelle was published in 1793. It has long been the slogan of the French lodges…”  

     And “in 1867,” wrote Archpriest Lev Lebedev, “the Masons created the ‘International League of Peace and Freedom’ with Garibaldi at its head. In it for the first time the idea of the United States of Europe under Masonic leadership was put forward.”  

     “But of course,” notes Tikhomirov, “the very forms of collectivism… can give way to a single Jewish national organisation…”  In other words, the Jewish leaders of Masonry might wish to destroy the various nationalisms of Europe in order to create a single socialist republic, but only as a stepping-stone to the realisation of their own nationalist dreams. For, as Baruch Levy wrote to Marx: “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this ‘new world order’ the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.” 


     What has changed since these words were written? I would suggest: not very much. Some of the tendencies noted by Tikhomirov and Albancelli have accelerated: Jewish power has increased, and concentrated still more property and gold in its hands; European integration has advanced very considerably; and the ideas of liberal republicanism have spread and been accepted almost everywhere. At the same time, it is again logic rather than concrete facts which suggests that there is a secret supreme ruler. The secret, if it exists, has been well kept… Could any of the present political rulers be the secret supreme ruler? This seems prima facie unlikely. Nevertheless, it is possible that a contemporary head of state might be the agent or regent of the supreme ruler. Let us look briefly at some of the leading candidates:-

     1. The United States. This is the favourite candidate of most conspiracy theorists. And it is not difficult to understand why. Militarily the most powerful, scientifically the most advanced, and economically the most influential power in the world, the United States also happens to have a large Jewish population that occupies a very high percentage of the most powerful positions in politics, business, the media and the arts. Moreover, a strong argument for Christians is the almost umbilical relationship of America to the state of Israel, where, as every Christian knows, the Antichrist will one day assume power. Case closed, it would seem…

     And yet… As the ongoing “fiscal cliff” drama demonstrates, America is in an extremely precarious financial situation. Like many empires in world history, she has over-extended herself, and could collapse soon and quickly.   In fact, this is what Elder Aristocles of Moscow and Mount Athos prophesied back in 1911: “America will feed the world, but will finally collapse”… For no Jewish usurer has yet devised a means of eliminating America’s vast and ever-growing $16.4 trillion debt. And that’s only her public debt – her private citizens are also vastly indebted. Moreover, the main holders of American sovereign debt, the Chinese, happen to be the main rivals of the Americans for world dominance… Of course, as the financial historian Niall Ferguson points out, China and America are mutually dependent economically – he calls the relationship “Chimerica”.  So it is not likely that the Chinese will want to pull the plug on America in the near future. However, if the political relationship between the two countries continues to deteriorate, anything is possible…

     Another serious problem for America is her dividedness. In recent years, both social and racial divisions have become bitterer. And not only between whites and blacks. Mitt Romney is widely considered to have lost the 2012 presidential race because he did not conciliate the large Hispanic minority. Traditionally, white Anglo-Saxon candidates for the presidency had to worry only about keeping the Jewish voters on side: now they also have to think about the Hispanics… 

     Romney was clearly the candidate of the Israeli president, Benjamin Netanyahu, who had “hired” him to attack Iran. Perhaps this is only a minor setback for the Zionists; after all, neither of the main parties is anti-Jewish. Nevertheless, President Obama recently received a report from sixteen American intelligence agencies calling Israel an “illegal, criminal, and immoral” rogue state guilty of rampant terrorism, belligerence, racism, and genocide. The report recommends the United States discontinue the giving of billions in U.S. foreign aid and armaments to the Zionists.  Could the Jewish dominance over the American “natives” be faltering?

     If so, then the likely response of the Jews could be a coup d’état and the imposition of a dictatorship. State power has already increased enormously in various subterfuge ways, and various plausible excuses for the suspension of the remaining democratic checks and balances could no doubt be found. We find the pattern of Masonic democracy followed and overthrown by Jacobin illuminism in several revolutions, not least the French and the Russian. But the first American revolution never got past the first, Masonic stage. Could we be about to witness the second American revolution, which will complete the job and thereby fulfil the prophecy of Elder Ignaty of Harbin: “What began in Russia will end in America”?

     2. Europe. The old continent has long lost the world dominance it enjoyed before the First World War. However, it still remains the source and homeland, not only of Christianity, but also of the revolution that seeks to destroy Christianity. And the wily old Europeans are now approaching their long-time goal of European integration, having already created the largest internal market in the western world and more-or-less abolished the sovereignties of the 27 member-states of the European Union, whose vast, unaccountable and extremely corrupt bureaucracy (the auditors have refused to sign off the accounts for many years already) is headed by a Commission that resembles nothing so much as the Soviet Politburo...

     And yet… just as the long-time Masonic goal of a single European state appears within grasp, the whole edifice has begun to creak and tremble. The “culprits” are two nations at the opposite ends of the continent that are especially associated with the idea of democratic freedom: Greece and Britain. 

     Greece, quite simply, is bankrupt. But to allow Greece to default on her debts completely (as opposed to just having them partially written off, the so-called “haircut”) would probably mean the collapse of a whole series of European banks, especially in France and Germany. There are two possible solutions. The first – the exit of Greece from the euro, so that she can devalue her currency and begin economic recovery – is anathema to the Eurocrats, for it would open the way for the exit of other highly indebted economies – especially Spain and Italy – which would almost certainly mean the collapse of the Union. (One country, Greenland, has already exited the Union. But the Greenlanders don’t count!) The other solution – the creation of a centralized European banking union guaranteeing the debts of all the banks of the 17-member Eurozone, but under very strict conditions – is the one favoured by the Eurocrats. This union is effected by a European Stability Mechanism (ESM) that came into force in September, 2012. The treaty creating it is a document of quite astounding financial totalitarianism… 

     Britain, while part of the European Union, is not part of the Eurozone or the ESM, and has always resisted moves towards further European integration. (She favoured admitting more countries into the Union, but only as a counterweight to the overweening power of France and Germany. But this move must be judged to have failed, since the new admissions from Central and Eastern Europe seem quite happy to sacrifice their freedoms on the altar of the Union.) However, the rise of anti-European sentiment in Britain, and the Europeans’ failure so far to bring the Union’s largest financial centre, the City of London, into their net, has created serious tensions between Britain and the continent. The pressure on the British government to allow a referendum in Britain, with the option of leaving the Union altogether, is increasing all the time, and even Britain’s mainly Europhile politicians will probably have to give in to the demand soon. A divorce now looks probable (though not certain), thus marking the fulfilment of an anonymous Athonite prophecy of the year 1053: “England for the Saxons only…” Britain’s withdrawal would undoubtedly be a blow to the European Project, whatever dismissive interpretation the Europeans try to put on it; but it might, paradoxically, make it easier for the remaining 27 countries of the Union to complete their totalitarian plans…

     Apart from these political and economic problems, Europe also suffers from military weakness. America has always dominated NATO, and the major European nations are steadily decreasing their already small contributions to the common pot. Indeed, if recent wars, such as that with Libya, are anything to go by, in the event of a really serious conflict most NATO countries will try their hardest to absolve themselves of all military responsibilities, leaving the despised Anglo-Saxons to carry the can... But power, as a certain communist put it, grows out of the barrel of a gun. Even a united Europe cannot be considered a serious contender for world dominance if she does not have the will, or contribute the means, to defend herself.

     3. Russia. Since the fall of communism, Russia has been largely written off as a serious contender for world dominance. This was understandable – in the 1990s. With large territories cut off from her, far weaker than America militarily, and weaker than both America and Europe economically, Russia’s main power lay in economic blackmail: in cutting off the supply of natural gas to Europe. However, as the proverb goes, Russia is never as strong as she looks, and never as weak as she looks. And Russia still has some aces up her sleeve…

     Since the year 2000, under the ruthless rule of KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin, Russia has paid off her debts and built up a comfortable financial cushion – something of a rarity among contemporary states. Critics argue that this wealth is based in an unbalanced way on Russia’s oil and gas reserves. This may be true; but money is money, and money talks…

     Putin has used his money to pour vast sums into the military; and soon, although problems of morale (dedovschina) remain, observers may have to upgrade their estimates of Russia’s military capacity, including her very formidable cyberwarfare capacity… In 2008 Russian forces overran the Georgian provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and the latter is now essentially a KGB/FSB statelet containing 17,000 regular and border troops poised to complete the conquest of the rest of Georgia, including its important oil pipeline. If Russia were ever to go still further south and take control of Syria and Iraq, it would both fulfil a long-term dream of Soviet diplomacy, and aim a dagger straight at the West in her most vulnerable place – her dependence on Middle East oil. At that point we might be witnessing the fulfilment of Ezekiel’s prophecy about the invasion of Gog and Magog “from the extreme north” “in the last times”, led by “the prince of Rosh” (Ezekiel 38.1 and 39.1).  Hence the significance of the present stand-off between Russia and the West over Syria… Also, now that the KGB/FSB is in complete control of the state, its activities abroad, and especially in America, constitute a direct and rising threat to the security of almost every other state. This has been documented by ex-KGB Lieutenant Colonel Konstantin Preobrazhensky in a series of books and articles. 

     However, Russia has two major weaknesses, one internal and the other external. The internal weakness is the state’s very close connection with the mafia. Thus Putin himself is probably the wealthiest man in Europe , while Patriarch Cyril of Moscow, another KGB agent closely linked to the tax-free importation of alcohol and tobacco, is probably the richest monk in history.  Corruption on this scale not only creates enormous inefficiencies. It also undermines the credibility of the regime and threatens its overthrow in the medium- to long-term. Meanwhile, the corruption at the top appears to be seeping down through all layers of society, placing Russia near or at the top of several indices of failure, such as divorce, alcoholism, drug-addiction, child mortality, etc. The ultimate cause of this is undoubtedly the failure of most Russians to repent of their Soviet past. Until that repentance takes place, Russia will be a threat both to herself and the whole world…

     4. China. Russia’s major external weakness is her relationship with her powerful neighbour in the East, China. Nobody doubts that, at present rates of growth and assuming there is no war, civil or international, on Chinese territory, China will in a few short years, decades at most, overtake America as the world’s most powerful state from an economic point of view. Nor is China’s strength only in the vast numbers of her people or the vast extent of her exports and financial reserves. China also has a fiercely nationalistic, highly motivated, disciplined and skilled workforce. And she is pouring more and more money into updating and increasing her armed forces, which are being increasingly used to project her power in territorial disputes with her neighbours – Taiwan first of all, but also Japan and Vietnam.

     China is being helped to world dominance, paradoxically, by Russia. If the Russians seem to be outwitting the West, they appear to be being outwitted by the East, by the Chinese. The Russians appear to believe that the two nations, having been comrades in Marxism and allies in the “good old days” of the Soviet Union, should remain so still. And truly, at the present time Russia and China seem to be great friends. The two powers praise each other, rail together against America (Russia rather more loudly than China), vote together at the United Nations, form Eurasian military pacts together and cooperate on a number of economic projects. But the striking thing is how one-sided these economic arrangements are. Thus one of the Russian oligarchs has agreed to build a series of hydroelectric stations in Siberia whose main beneficiaries will be – Chinese consumers. Again, Russia supplies China with Siberian oil at ridiculously discounted prices , as well as valuable military hardware and software, including even aircraft carriers… Meanwhile, large numbers of Chinese are crossing the border into Siberia, buying land and setting up businesses.

     Russia appears to have neither the will nor the capacity to stop this peaceful invasion through her back door. Putin even handed over a small chunk of Siberia to China on January 1, 2008. Foolishly, the Russians seem to believe in the good intentions of the Chinese, as if good communists would never fall out with each other. Recent history (e.g. the incident on the Ussuri river in 1969), together with a study of the Chinese mentality, should have taught them otherwise. They should have realized that what the Chinese want from the Russians is not their kisses but their oil, and that if that supply should ever dry up they will discard the Russians like a used lemon. Then the peaceful invasion may well turn into a military one, as the Apocalypse’s “two hundred million” horsemen of “the kings of the east” (9.16, 16.12) pour into Siberia. And then the prophecy of Elder Aristocles will be fulfilled: “Russia and China will destroy each other…”


     This very brief survey of the major contemporary political powers (we could have added the Islamic Middle East, India and Japan) leads us to a simple conclusion: that while there are several contemporary states capable of destroying the world, militarily or financially, there is no single state capable of ruling the world in the sense of creating a single world government. Moreover, the idea of a Jewish world ruler seems even more remote, insofar as the largest contemporary state, China, which any potential world-ruler must control, is ruled by a shadowy clique that is certainly not Jewish. So while we are undoubtedly living in the last days, and the Antichrist must come according to the Scriptures, it looks as if he is not with us yet…

     Does this suggest that we must drop our guard and dismiss any talk of the Antichrist? Certainly not. But it does suggest three further conclusions:-

     1. Before the coming of the Antichrist many other things must come first. Some of these, as suggested by the Holy Scriptures and the prophecies, are: the Third World War, the resurrection of Russia, the conversion of the Jews, the spreading of the Gospel throughout the world, the last great apostasy...

     2. The “666” scares (barcodes, biochips, etc.) may well be “signs of the times”, but they should not be seen as heralding the coming of the Antichrist any time soon. 

     3. Even if the person of the Antichrist is not with us yet, and we should not seek him out too inquisitively, the spirit of the Antichrist is undoubtedly with us now, and we should apply all our powers to detecting it and avoiding it. This is more important than identifying Jews, Masons or Bilderbergers. For if we do not recognize the spirit of the Antichrist through fervent study of the Holy Scriptures, then, as St. John Chrysostom says, we shall never identify the Antichrist himself.

     This point was especially well made by Lev Tikhomirov: “It is strange to attribute to the Masons the whole complexity of the evolution of human societies. One must not have the idea that people lived happily and in a healthy state, but then the Masonic organization appeared and corrupted them all. It is necessary to know the laws of the development of societies, which would be such as they are if the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem had never taken place. In general the study of Masonry can be fruitful only on condition that it is conducted scientifically. Only such a study is capable of clarifying the true level of influence of this or that secret society on the evolution of peoples and states.”  

     While Tikhomirov had no doubts about the existence of the Judaeo-Masonic conspiracy, he nevertheless insisted that the blame for the destruction of modern society lies “most of all not on some premeditatedly evil influence of the Masons or whatever other organisation, but on the false direction of our own constructive activities.”  For “there has never been a man or a society which has not been corrupted through his or its own free will…”  

Vladimir Moss.
December 23 / January 5, 2012.

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