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     The debate over homosexuality was greatly influenced by the outbreak of an epidemic called “Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome “(AIDS), which may or may not have been caused by “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” (HIV). In 1986 Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the US government agency NIAID (the National Institute for Allergic and Infectious Diseases), which controlled vast funds for scientific research, insisted that HIV was the cause of AIDS, and that he had found the cure, an extremely toxic and expensive chemical called AZT. Fauci, who was in financial cahoots with Big Pharma, and especially with the British company Wellcome (now Glaxo-Smith-Kline), which manufactured AZT, used his considerable political influence with the regulatory authorities, and his scientific influence with certain corrupt virologists, particularly Dr. Robert Gallo, to prevent the development of other very promising – and far less expensive - treatments of AIDS that did not presume any link with a virus like HIV. This caused a political storm in Congress and among AIDS sufferers and their doctors.

     Robert F. Kennedy, the son of the famous president, writes: “The loudest, most influential, and persistent challenge to the thesis that HIV might not be the only cause of AIDS came from Dr. Peter Duesberg, who in 1987 enjoyed a reputation as the world’s most accomplished and insightful retrovirologist. Specifically, Dr. Duesberg accuses Dr. Fauci of committing mass murder with AZT, the deadly chemical concoction that according to Duesberg causes—and never cures—the constellations of immune suppression that we now call “AIDS.” But Duesberg’s critique goes deeper than his revulsion for AZT. Duesberg argues that HIV does not cause AIDS but is simply a “free rider” common to high-risk populations who suffer immune suppression due to environmental exposures. While HIV may be sexually transmittable, Duesberg argues, AIDS is not. Duesberg famously offered to inject himself with HIV-tainted blood “so long as it doesn’t come from Gallo’s lab.” For starters, Duesberg points out that HIV is seen in millions of healthy individuals who never develop AIDS. Conversely, there are thousands of known AIDS cases in patients who are not demonstrably infected with HIV. Dr. Fauci has never been able to explain these phenomena, which are inconsistent with the pathogenesis of any other infectious disease.

     “Many other prominent and thoughtful scientists have offered a variety of well-reasoned hypotheses to explain these baffling fissures in the HIV orthodoxy. Most of these alternative conjectures accept that HIV plays a role in the onset of AIDS but argue that there must be other cofactors, a qualifier that Dr. Fauci and a handful of his diehard PIs [Principal Investigators] stubbornly deny. 

     “Prior to advancing his own theory for the etiology of AIDS, Duesberg methodically laid out the logical flaws in Dr. Fauci’s HIV/AIDS hypothesis in a ground-breaking 1987 article in Cancer Research. Dr. Fauci has never answered Duesberg’s common-sense questions.

     “In his subsequent book, Inventing the AIDS Virus, Duesberg, in 724 riveting pages, expands his dissection of the hypothesis’s flaws and outlines his own explanation for the etiology of AIDS. 

     “For those subsumed in the theology that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS, Dr. Duesberg’s critiques seem so outlandish that they automatically debase anyone who even considers them. It’s telling, then, to discover how much traction his arguments have among the world’s most thoughtful and brilliant scientists, including many Nobel laureates, perhaps most notably Luc Montagnier, who first isolated HIV. To date, Dr. Fauci has been able to silence but not to answer or to refute Duesberg’s thesis. 

     “I restate that I take no side in this dispute. It seems undeniable to me that the dissidents have raised legitimate queries that should be researched, debated, and explored. I believe public health officials have a duty to answer these sorts of questions, and I yearn to hear those arguments in an energized debate; Dr. Fauci’s aggressive censorship campaign and his refusal to debate arouse my suspicion and my ire. It brings to mind George R. R. Martin’s observation that entrenched powers remove men’s tongues not to prevent them from telling lies, but to stop them from speaking the truth. 

     “If any of Dr. Duesberg’s revelations are solid, his story has momentous relevance today—as the removal of his tongue illustrates the capacity of the pharmaceutical cartel, in league with self-interested technocrats, to exaggerate and exploit viral pandemics, to foist toxic and dangerous remedies onto a credulous public, and promote self-serving agendas—even those with terrible outcomes—with the complicity of a fawning and scientifically illiterate media. Duesberg and others charge that by stifling debate and dissent, Dr. Fauci milled public fear into multi-billion-dollar profits for his Pharma partners while expanding his own powers and authoritarian control. The resulting policies, they say, have caused calamity to global economies and public health, and vastly expanded the pool of human suffering.”[1]

     Whatever the exact nature and extent of the links between AIDS and homosexual and bisexual behaviours, it was clearly folly for society as a whole to reject the obvious precaution of condemning and abstaining from the disease-transmitting behaviours, such as homosexuality and bisexuality. “As a result,” writes Niall Ferguson, “AIDS has now killed thirty-two million people around the world. At the height of the epidemic, in 2005-6, fifteen years after the death of [gay pop-star] Freddie Mercury, nearly two million people a year were dying of AIDS.


     “… HIV/AIDS moved at a snail’s pace contrary to the prophecies of many doomsayers. Why, then, was the national and international response so ineffectual? According to the San Francisco-based journalist Randy Shilts, who himself died of AIDS in 1994, it was because of a systemic failure: in the United States, the medical and public health bodies, federal and private scientific research establishments, the mass media, and the gay community’s leadership all failed to respond in the ways they should have”[2] - the most important of which was abstinence from perverted sexual practices and the outright condemning of homosexuality…


     By allowing the disease to move at a snail’s pace, God was mercifully giving men time to repent and change their behaviour, increasing the fear of God in those whose consciences were not completely seared (I Timothy 4.2). But western society was no longer willing to provide the most effective preventive measure: unequivocal public condemnation of homosexuality and sexual promiscuity in general by opinion-leaders in Church and State. Society (outside some African states) had long ago lost the fear of God, and the fear of eternal damnation unequivocally pronounced by the Word of God for the sin of homosexuality (Romans 1; I Corinthians 6.19). 


     And now the fear of men – the fear, not only of coming down with the disease, but also of condemning such a popular sin, and of finding oneself isolated and condemned in the court of public opinion – took hold of society… 




     The Fauci AIDS scam, and the many other scams and frauds he has been involved in, has culminated in the contemporary covid-19 scam, where, as in the 1980s, a scientific cabal led yet again by Fauci has been allowed to kill millions of people, undermining the world’s economy by a mixture of (1) inventing a new virus, (2) no advertising and even discouraging the use of simple, natural and inexpensive preventive substances such as Vitamin D and zinc, (3) banning the use of cheap, simple and well-tested remedies such as ivormectin and hydoxycloraquine that could have stopped the epidemic a long time ago, (3) convincing world elites and governments to introduce entirely unsuitable and terribly damaging methods of stopping the spread of the infection, and (4) forcing through a semi-mandatory “vaccine” regime that is a completely novel and untested form of gene therapy (this is admitted even by the manufacturers) which is more dangerous to health than the disease it pretends to cure. But the most serious consequence of the scam is that it constitutes a still more serious assault on liberty and truth than that presented by Soviet power: the tyranny of science and scientism in the modern age. 

     The best-known historical examples of the tyranny of science have been in the totalitarian regimes of Hitler (Aryan eugenics) and Stalin (Marxism, Lysenkoism, Soviet psychiatry). This has led to the false conclusion that true science can flourish only in democratic regimes. But the flourishing of such false theories as Darwinism and Faucian virology precisely in the most democratic of countries shows that free speech can be subverted by ruthless and skilful pseudo-scientific cabals that know how to use the power and money given to them by elected governments, agencies, universities and corporations to gain still more money and power – Faustian Fauci has the biggest salary in the US government, not excluding the president, plus huge kickbacks from Big Pharma and those he patronizes). 

     Many true scientists have been appalled at the way in which these cabals have been used by science administrators to suppress free speech and their “heretical” opponents. 

     The authority given in previous ages to religion has been transferred to science. This is the authority of certain knowledge, which in the past was attributed only to God (“let God be true, but every man a liar” (Romans 3.4)) and “the Church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth” (I Timothy 3.15), the only true collective depository of certain knowledge. Individuals, it was believed, could acquire certain knowledge only by belonging to the Church, where they would receive “the faith once given to the saints” (Jude 3), a faith that is not knowledge of transitory, material things but “the substance [the Greek word here is hypothesis, understood in a pre-scientific sense] of things hoped for, the evidence [elegkos] of things not seen” (Hebrews 11.1).


     To the neo-Faustians/Faucians of today, however, real, certain knowledge is attributed only to “the scientific consensus”. But “the scientific consensus” is another idol; certain knowledge is never given to scientists, whether individually or collectively, who study only transitory, material things through the prism of their fallen, corrupted minds. The best any scientist can do is put forward more or less uncertainhypotheses, about which consensus is unattainable or, if attained, irrelevant. For, as novelist and physician Dr. Michael Crichton observed, “Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus. There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.”[3]


     However, the high priests of modern science (as prophesied in Dostoyevsky’s apocalyptic novel, The Devils) anoint certain scientists, such as Darwin, or certain scientific administrators, such as Fauci, with the charisma of infallibility, as the oracles of “the scientific consensus”. Following their self-appointed spiritual leaders, the multitudes and the nations and the governments all bow down before the new Babylonian idol with a serpent inside, this repository of many small truths and some very large falsehoods – but never of certain knowledge. They do this because they have come to believe in the Lord Chancellor of England Francis Bacon’s famous saying: “knowledge is power”.[4] In his utopian novel New Atlantis (1627) Bacon envisaged a collective body of scientists taking the place of individual geniuses and having real power, a power greater than that of kings and rulers. Now, in our day, his dystopian dream would appear to have come true…


December 30 / January 12, 2021/2022.

Apodosis of the Nativity of Christ.


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